The family dream

Mention Pago de la Oliva, and the conversation turns to the Barbero family.

José Barbero Capdevilla, founder and visionary of the era, always knew he wanted to be a winegrower. Today this dream has come true; over thirty years of work dedicated to the vineyards has now enabled us to proudly see three generations working side by side in the field and in the cellar.

An enthusiast about the countryside, agriculture and his vines.

The history begins to take shape when a young newcomer from Seville, who loved the countryside and worked from dawn to dusk, arrives in Tudela de Duero. The village elders called him “el niño” (the boy), affectionately remembering a young man who worked the field with passion and courage despite his youth.

In the field he looked for answers that nature could provide about where and how to do things, where to plant the vines, how to prepare the soil... Always working enthusiastically, his philosophy on life was: “Doing things the best possible way, is the only way.”